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Delivery On Demand

People always say that time is money. But in fact time is more valuable than money. Because we can earn it back even money is spent. However, time is lost forever once it is lost. Wasting your time is worse than wasting money. This is the reason why Sunrise Stone would take much attention to the delivery time.                     

1. Make arrangement for orders. It is wise to do ahead. When we get the deposit, we will confirm the drawings with you asap. Also, we will arrange how many days should be spent for production, packing, loading, etc, to reach the delivery time.  

2. Send product pictures each step to keep you posted. Not all you can come in person for inspection. For living up to your trust, we will send clear pictures for each process to make it observed visually. So you can see directly how is the items to make better arrangement from your sides.

3. Contact shipping company without delay. As we said that we will make schedule in advance. So our shipping specialist can check with some shipping companies to make sure the best ocean freight for you.

4. Pack well in advance for loading. Sometimes it takes time for packing, especially for project items. Superior Stone will make them packed according to buildings, rooms, styles or some other requirements. For making it well done, packing ahead of loading schedule is needed. And it also allow us to have more time to arrange container space.

5. Offer shipping information to you timely. Once finishing loading, the email and pictures will be send to you asap, including provide details for the shipping, like shipping date, estimated time of arrival. Besides, we will send the needed documents out immediately once we get, and give the express No. for checking. Superior Stone will check each five days during the transportation and send message to you.