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How we do inspection?

Each piece will be check by our professional QC with more than 10 years experience. And the inspection will be done five times from cutting, processing, packing, etc. We inspect step by step to make sure the quality, and we will directly make the failed one broken directly.

1. Check the drawing. We will make drawings quickly and check with you. We will not start to produce until you confirm and sign on it.     

2. Check thickness. Thickness difference is not allowed.We will use technical calipers for checking the thickness correctly.

3. Check the edge. Edge polishing smoothly is necessary for kitchen and bathroom units.

4. Check the surfaces. No matter the front or back side, we check it, again and again, to make the surface clean and flat. Because no one will like it to be dirty even the back surface.

5. Check the cut-out hole. Size and shape for hole are quite important for installing sink and accessories. Dimension error is not tolerant even just 1mm.

6. Check the size. We are checking all details on kitchen units according to drawings, such as sink center size, faucet sink, front edge to sink edge size, etc.....will make the size totally same as required even it takes more time.

7. Check the backsplash. Evan backsplash is smaller than the countertop, it should not be ignored. Size, thickness and surface should check same.

8. Check the color difference.It will be embarrassed if there are two colors for same set.Don't worry. We will not make it happen. We pay lots of attention on kitchen seams,We promise to offer a perfect countertop without chromatic aberration.

9. Waterproof Lables.  Each kicthen and bathroom piece will make a waterproof lable on edge to help customers to find the unit piece. This is necessary for cut to size projects.

10. Check the packing. Checking piece by piece before packing, our QC will make those qualified ones packed together. Then they will make a stamp on the wooden crates.

11. Check the loading. There is professional crew for loading. They will conduct how the crates should be put, which part should be strengthened with strips.

Of course, you are welcome to do an inspection with us. No matter how many quantities it is, we can check piece by piece together to help put those concerns to rest.